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VFX World

The only place to get quality VFX screens, consumables, infrastructure and qualified labour for installation.  Saving you time and resources for your production

Why Choose Us?

Complete VFX Package

We have everything covered for your film production.  High Quality VFX Screens, Colour coded consumables, infrastructure and experienced installers.  Every thing you need to keep your production on time and on budget

Experienced Managed Service

Our leadership team has years of experience working as grips in the film industry.  We understand all the challenges, nuances and specifics needed to keep a production on track.  For this reason, we only employ the most expericenced, licenced installation teams.

Quality VFX Screens Range

We have a wide variety of waterproof outdoor and indoor screens in green, blue and black.  Sizes cover 4×4′, 8×8′, 12×12′, 20×20′ or custom sizes.



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VFX World Best Supplier for VFX Screens
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