LED Volume Walls for hire

LED Volume Walls For Hire

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VFX World LED Volume Walls For Hire

We use the highest level of LED and our brands are regarded as the go to product for Film Productions with testing already been done on some of the largest film projects.

LED screens can now provide immersive, realistic backdrops for film productions, shooting sets with a virtual production team involved in the process adds greatly to saving on production time and costs, compared to regular post-production VFX work.

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Virtual Production as a new production process that merges physical objects, such as actors and real-world camera movements, into real-time computer-generated imagery (CGI), showcasing rendering solutions and the process of virtual production to create a digital world, with real-time interaction on set through Unreal Engine & Mo-Sys teamed up with the best Screen Processing.



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We will work with you giving advice on the right solution for your brief and then be onsite for build, support and de-rig assisting with any questions you may have.

We use Technicians and Project Managers with decades of experience. 


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